Our Team

Sofie Caap, Personal Trainer

Sofie Caap is a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Life Coach
& Precision Nutrition level 1 Certified.  She learned early on in her
training career how important it is to fulfill many areas in your life to
achieve a healthy lifestyle.  It isn’t enough to just exercise or eat right.
You need to learn about yourself, what you need and how you are
motivated to get the results you want. 
When working with Sofie she will be able to guide you towards healthy
habits and how to stick with them.  She has holistically coached
athletes, children and adults looking to get fit or stay fit. She
encourages clients to live a life full of vitality. Through accountability, a
growth mindset and a passion for health, Sofie will help you achieve
your goals.
This adventurous mother of two is raising her children leading by
example, knowing that it is her actions that drives her children’s passion
to compete in Spartan races, triathlons and cross country running. Sofie
has a continuous passion for learning which has led her to pursue her
degree in Psychology.